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East Side Wellness Center is a place where like minded practitioners can be separate and distinct, yet have the support of one and other within the space.  Each practitioner within the wellness center will provide you with a unique experience.   To better serve you, everyone has individual hours and times.  Although, all under one roof, each business is run separately.  To schedule an appointment you must contact the practitioners individually.  When you arrive in the space, have a seat in the beautiful waiting room and you will be greeted by your practitioner when they are ready to see you.

Although all separate, we as the Wellness Center are all dedicated to helping you achieve balance in your life, where barriers to health in your physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, occupational, and communal realms are addressed. We believe that personal health and "wellness" are best achieved when the body and the mind are functioning in harmony.

Imagine being free from aches and pains. Imagine feeling calm, relaxed, ready to enjoy your day and accomplish your best you. Our therapeutic services are offered in a relaxing environment where we listen to your concerns and utilize our expertise to guide you to better health. Through our therapeutic wellness care, we help you achieve deep relaxation, improved flexibility and greater vitality. Visit us today to take a step towards better health.

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Office Hours

East Side Wellness Center's practitioners set their own schedules.   To contact your practitioner to schedule an appointment, go to the ABOUT US page, click on the picture, which will direct you to their website.  

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